Hope you like my pattern!     it can be downloaded for free here. Feel free to edit and print for own personal use, but no reproduction and sales. It goes without saying!


Comic Strip

Here is a comic I did a couple of years ago…





Comic strip

I have started working on my own comic strip. I do little drawing of little stories from my life. In the order I think of them. When they are all done I can re-shuffel to chronological order!..



The first load of illustrations is online at www.vanskye.com. And I’ve also done a few more, which will be up there soon, probably.


happy, happy, happy…

…happy new year everyone! May it be rockin’, kickin’, creative, positive, full of love, joy and prosperity, and without anger or worry! xx m

  • Cat-mouse

    I’m making stuff for our Christmas-sale, in between printing, framing and organizing to do with my other upcoming exhibitions. For the Cash&Carry Art&Design sale there will be prints, illustrations, cards, T-shirts and bags, as well as illustrated stars, and bracelets.I am also thinking of producing more of the leather cat-mouse. A hit amongst those little… Read more »

  • Christmas sale:

  • Puzzle Project

    I am working on my piece for the puzzle-project. The exhibition will open on the 20th of October, and the private view is on the 23rd. Some of my project is online, – click HERE to see the digital presentation.

  • lights


  • Draw, draw, draw

    I’ve done a bit more drawing. Also there’s been a few changes to Pantmagazine.

  • paper things

    small paper things. As small as possible, and then my camera with close-close-close-up lens.

  • t-shirt

    I’m selling my first item on etzy.com ; Please go and have a look at the camera t-shirt. I’ve done a few similar illustrations on garments- have a look at pantmagazine.com to see what I did for last weeks ‘Cash&Carry light’

  • Next exhibition

  • deleted

  • Print and web

    While I was on holiday, the cards and the third and final poster for Slough Museum, have been printed. The company who did the cards have done a great job for us so far, but saxoprint, who did the poster, have been very un-reliable! At the moment I’m finalizing the website for Holistic Health on… Read more »

  • I’ve been on holiday, and am now back in sunny London. I did some drawing and painting while I was in Altafulla.

  • I really like drawing cars. There’s something about the organic lines and mechanic car. Sweet!

  • Summer

    I will be away on holiday from the 29th of June till the 8th of July, and then again from the 13th till the 20th of September for our anniversary and a very late honeymoon!

  • cut and paste

  • Fran the hungry monster

    I made this little, simple gif-animation today. I’m addicted to little-paper-things and my excellent camera and it’s extreme zoom!please refresh page to see it again.

  • envelopes

    I have been looking for envelopes for a while, and have a lot. Now I just need to start cuttting!

  • Slough Museum Poster

    I’ve just finished the first poster I’m doing for Slough-museum to do with theit partners, loanboxes and relationship with schools.

  • Cars

    2CV and DS 

  • Aflorum

     I’ve been re-vamping the Aflorum site using a bit more CSS. Aflorum is a  Flowershop / florist in Kings Cross, London.- Just along Caledonian road from the junction. You should go and have a look, because I did their branding! Click here to see their website 

  • easter

    It’s just been Easter. It’s a busy time, and we didn’t go away any further than Tottenham, where little JBG got his Easter-egg. Handmade by RichardsBerge©. There hasn’t been much time for illustrating recently, and I really have to finish WhitePolkaDotHalterneckDress-Project! My sketchbook is growing. I will get back with something else shortly.

  • Skootee

    I’m doing a holdingpage for a site for Patti Van Dyke, a New York actress. I am also doing one for her and her dog Skootee’s walking and boarding company; “Skootee’s in charge”

  • snekkerbukse

  • Oslo Fashion Week, Animation

    I recently did an animation for Elton&Jacobsens show at Oslo Fashion Week.  

  • Sketch book day

    I’m leaving the MacBook and takig my SketchBook (and camera) out into the sunny day. Pictured are nbr. 55 and 56.   

  • Illustration agency in London

    I’m currently looking for an illustration-agency in London. I need someone to help me sell my work. Maria Sletbakk Berge; Illustrator, not secretary. 

  • just a little thing…