Hope you like my pattern!     it can be downloaded for free here. Feel free to edit and print for own personal use, but no reproduction and sales. It goes without saying!


Comic Strip

Here is a comic I did a couple of years ago…





Comic strip

I have started working on my own comic strip. I do little drawing of little stories from my life. In the order I think of them. When they are all done I can re-shuffel to chronological order!..



The first load of illustrations is online at www.vanskye.com. And I’ve also done a few more, which will be up there soon, probably.


happy, happy, happy…

…happy new year everyone! May it be rockin’, kickin’, creative, positive, full of love, joy and prosperity, and without anger or worry! xx m

  • Daniel Richards, Art Director

    Daniel is a talented London-based art- director, stage and props designer and model maker. He was the ‘Head of Scenic Construction’ for the ‘Punchdrunk’ performance at the Battersea Art Centre (BAC) ; ‘Masque of the Red Death”. He has just finished a job for Angels in the Architecture,- ” Dido, Queen of Carthage” at Kensington Palace’s… Read more »

  • PantMagazine.com

    PantMagazine.com is finally reality! I hope many fellow creativals will join in on making it a great place to hang out;”So this is it. PantMagazine is finally here! A creative notepad for us who worked, live or have lived in east London. A collection of information that helps us have a good time, and find others alike…. Read more »

  • smøla

    it’s a new personal project. perhaps it will be something more; “Once upon a time in the sea far, far up north, there was an island where the wind always blew and the sun only shone for a few months in the middle of the summer. Although then is was shining so bright both day and night that… Read more »

  • bag/purse

    I made another purse. It’s a gift for a very special person whose birthday it is soon. I hope she’ll like it.  

  • remember summer?…

  • I need to remember how to draw.

  • Mittens for Stephanja

    A bit late, but just found them in iphoto, and thought I might stick them in. Mittenish bits for Steph for her birthday.

  • winter-party

      We are having a winter-party on Saturday(12.01). An outside barbeque to prove that we don’t care, and that spring is coming! Bring warm clothes!!! We’re providing a few woollen blankets, putting up the tapaulin, and making gløgg and some nibbles. Feel free to bring something for the bbq. Please tell us if you can come… Read more »

  • Saturday bag

     I made a bag for naomi for her birthday